wedding MAP


Wedding maps are a great way to create a graphic visual of your event, from showcasing your venue to highlighting other city landmarks that guests can explore when they are in town. This is also a great keepsake that can be printed and framed!


wedding map, wedding destinaton map, custom map, hand drawn map
wedding map, wedding destination map, handdrawn map, custom map
Wedding Map
Includes up to 5 landmarks, a title or "welcome" greeting, wedding date, compass and 3 revisions.
Please inquire directly about pricing.


To get started, we will need to know the following details:


We require a map that indicates the area you want included, so please either highlight or mark up a sketch so we know how to begin laying out the map. All lettering on the map is hand written, from "welcome" titles to street names. You can select different font styles           and scroll down to "Calligraphy Styles". 

The default font for street names will be block lettering unless you specify otherwise. The default color for maps will be black, unless you specify otherwise. There is no additional charge for color when it comes to providing digital files.


Click below to email us and get started!

City Location
Area (including specific streets)
Up to 5 landmarks
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